Omnichannel for DIY store professionals

Fünf Mitarbeitenden von Hellweg im Gespräch an einer Service-Theke

Always up to date with the latest technology

In recent years, e-commerce has undergone important developments, including the increasing importance of mobile shopping, the impact of artificial intelligence on shopping behaviour and rising expectations of personalized shopping experiences. Today, people expect a seamless shopping journey across all touchpoints.

HELLWEG also wants to offer this to its customers - and is relying on TWT to do so.

Transaction Platforms & Commerce
Strategy, Consulting, Concept, Design, Architektur und Integration in Systemlandschaft, Betrieb, Maintenance und Support, Integration in bestehende Systemlandschaft, System- und Software-Evaluierung, Entwicklung & Implementierung

Attention construction sites!

Our plan to sustainably increase customer satisfaction and sales: make the online stores technologically future-proof and scalable, expand the cross-channel sales and service applications and extend the feature set. At the same time, the brands were repositioned and the brand presences were redeveloped 360°.

Website relaunch

Trade professionals don't want to spend a lot of time selecting and ordering products, they prefer to get to work. That's why we completely redesigned the HELLWEG Group's online stores - for an efficient and seamless customer journey from the first impression to the final purchase.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the HELLWEG Digital team, we were able to complete the project in just 13 months: from workshops on requirements and data management to market, competition and target group analyses to development, implementation and connection to third-party systems. In addition, the collaborative teamwork enabled fast release and development cycles even after the relaunch and ensures continuous further development. A prime example of agile working.

Ansichten des Onlineshop auf Desktop und Smartphone


HELLWEG customers use the online store or the local store depending on their needs and situation. To ensure that everyone is satisfied with their shopping experience, we have interlinked all touchpoints: e-commerce and stationary retail, desktop and mobile.

Terrace planner

Building a patio is complicated. With the online configurator, end customers can find the right products in no time at all. From the area calculator to the selection of a suitable surface to the correct substructure: the application combines the relevant design dimensions with the various product features for specific customer solutions and flows seamlessly into a registration route for a professional consultation at the desired time - omnichannel.

Screenshots vom Terassenplaner

Rental vehicles

The optimal DIY shopping experience also includes the transportation of bulky products to your home. The omnichannel service for the rental of vans, trailers and cargo bikes at the desired time makes it easy for customers.

Color mixing service

Choose and order the new color for your living room from your sofa or let yourself be inspired: The color mixing service makes the shopping journey to a new coat of paint even more relaxed.

Zwei Screenshots sind zu sehen: Auf einem eine Auswahl einer Farbe und auf dem anderen kann man einen Wunschfarbton auswählen. Daneben ist ein Baumarkt Mitarbeiter mit einer Kundin zu sehen. Er zeigt ihr einen Farbfächer und die Kundin zeigt auf eine Farbe.

Online ordering

HELLWEG's digital solutions are now much more than just online stores: they have also developed into central information, service and sales platforms for employees. For example, the “online order purchase”, as a UX/UI-optimized interface for store employees and customer service, offers a detailed insight into the status of orders and supports the consultation and ordering process.

Ein Baumarkt Mitarbeiter ist mit einer Kundin zu sehen, beide Lachen. Sie hat ein Papier in der Hand und er zeigt auf dieses. Rechts neben dem Bild sind zwei Screenshts zu sehen vom Mitarbeiterbereich eines Bestellvorgangs.

Personal, honest, powerful! That's who we are at HELLWEG and that's how we choose our strategic partners.

TWT is just like us and has therefore been a creative, technically experienced and reliable partner at our side for many years.

– Jan Buse, Head of Digital


We understand what we do

Anyone who shops at HELLWEG goes through an efficient and cross-channel customer journey to conversion. hellweg.de was again voted the best online store among German DIY stores in 2024 - for the 7th time*.

The online stores are now state-of-the-art in terms of technology - thanks in particular to the switch from OXID 5 to Shopware 6.

Since 2022, we have also been managing the digital development of the DIY chain. In doing so, we rely on fast release and development cycles, which we achieve through close and well-coordinated cooperation between HELLWEG and our interdisciplinary team.