Der Patch kann installiert werden, wenn die GSA auf der Version 7.6.0.G.36, 7.6.0.G.42, 7.6.0.G.46, 7.6.0.G.58 oder 7.6.50.G. 30 läuft. Sie profitieren von zahlreichen Bug Fixes. 

Im Folgenden finden Sie den Changelog seit 7.6.50.G.30 und 7.6.0.G.58. 

Issues Fixed Since 7.6.50.G.30

36373931 – OneBox sends incorrect requests to external providers over HTTPS.
34694889 – Fix using incorrect IP for UDP connectivity testing.
34436091 – Monitoring system may cause update to abort.
34094842 – Slow processing of base64compressed feeds.

Issues Fixed Since 7.6.0.G.58

30796660 - Results are not returned when webserver responds with "Connection Reset" for Denied documents in Head Requests.
30698697 - Headrequestor sends GET instead of HEAD requests.
29394090 - Caching does not work if mirroring is enabled
28925165 - Allow using metadata dates formats containing only digits in metadata indexing configuration.
28865917 - Feeds are not processed after index reset.
28708984 - Real-time Diagnostics doesn't display multiple anchors.
28639718 - Add option to disable support of SSLv3.28411357 - PDF Title property not indexed as document's metadata.
28164613 - Document previews generation for PDF documents containing vector graphics may take a long time.
27262436 - UAR duplicates results if search term appears multiple times in search query.
26643642 - Documents returned by server withouth HTTP header "Content-Length" not crawled.
26249009 - Source Biasing works incorrectly with collections.23435031 - Microsoft Office 10 documents preview generation fails.
23016196 - Complex PDF documents may fail preview generation.
22350214 - Crawling may be unstable when crawling connector v4 content.
21786958 - Last-modified header incorrectly marks documents as unchanged.
21752512 - For some of the Microsoft Word documents previewing process can interrupt.
21629869 - Syncronize language bundles in mirroring.
19907169 - Document previews display misaligned fonts.
18170294 - ACLs in metadata of document sent in content feed not parsed correctly.
16179703 - Document preview thumbnail size is smaller than before version 7.2.0.G.230.
14163365 - Allow configuring wildcard search expansion only for metadata or contents, or both.
12919461 - Document preview image can be blank although the status is ready.
12486663 - Document preview is not generated due to incorrect file extension detection.
10445474 - Document preview for PDF documents does not have bullets in bullet lists.
10429536 - Text in document preview images for certain PDF files is unreadable.
9930754 - Forms Authentication is unable to follow relative action links.
8202680 - Recrawl this URL' does not recrawl URLs with special characters.
8185104 - When flexible authorization and connector authorization are enabled, java.net.MalformedURLException might appear in the SecMgr logs.
7473534 - Importing a configuration from another GSA causes crawling to stop.
1278377 - Index diagnostics may not be displayed correctly if URLs in certain error state is present.
758280 - Allow special characters in query expansion.
242975 - Allow different hostloads for hostnames that resolve to the same IP address.
24550 - PDF files that use an embedded font with custom encoding cannot be converted to HTML
15634 - Search logs timestamps' timezone may be incorrect.

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