Nach dem Patch im November vergangenen Jahres, ist ab sofort ein neuer Patch für die Google Search Appliance Version 7.0 verfügbar. Zusätzlich wurde der Support für Version 7.0 bis Ende März 2015 verlängert.

Der Patch aktualisiert auf die Version 7.0.14.G.216. In dem Update sind zahlreiche Optimierungen enthalten, so dass der Patch für alle Kunden, die bereits die Google Search Appliance Version 7.0 nutzen, ratsam ist. Parallel zur Einführung des Updates, hat Google auch die Support-Leistung für die Version 7.0 bis Ende März 2015 verlängert. Im Folgenden finden Sie das Änderungsprotokoll mit den Original-Angaben von Google.


Changelog seit G.180.

Issues Fixed Since 7.0.14.G.180

12021815 - Site parameter does not accept parentheses ("(") for combining boolean expressions.

11878029 - Metadata containing alpha numeric value with multiple dots are not indexed correctly.

11787373 - Threading issue in the crawler can cause URLs to be marked in incorrect states

10959237 - Forms Authentication Wizard does not follow META REFRESH when target redirect URL is relative.

10909850 - Results clustering JavaScript file returns unsafe header warnings.

10741901 - A large number of start URLs can block crawling.

10603726 - GSA does not crawl Macro enabled formats (docm, xlsm, pptm).

10522880 - ZIP file content not removed even though it is matching "Do Not Crawl" patterns.

10112332 - Session info may not be returned correctly by an internal process in some circumstances causing inconsistent results for secure searches

9107003 - Error parsing extra IDs leads to failure when saving the SharePoint Connector checkpoint.

8555082 - Entity recognition stores the value instead of the name in some circumstances.

8437929 - Document preview image generation can get stuck under certain conditions

8436995 - Deleted content URLs can cause document preview processing to get stuck

8421877 - Missing information in some authorized documents will cause 500 error during serving.

8349266 - Flex AuthZ SAML ignores timeout setting

8295370 - Incorrect page rank values after metadata-and-url feeds are processed

8162481 - Content converter processes may go stale causing high CPU load

8069848 - Logs are not rotated

7949796 - Not able to set the Image resolution to High/Medium in Document Previews

7737360 - Search logs do not show proxy IP addresses

7588216 - Large files get truncated when crawler download them via HTTPS (HTTP is fine)

7447675 - When the Appliance is configured to return spelling suggestions for terms available only in the index, search can be slower than normal.

7327268 - SharePoint connector does not send delete feeds for moved documents.

7310065 - Authentication mechanism trust duration has a maximum value of 30 minutes.

7034723 - Internal process getting stuck causing document preview not to be generated

6845285 - Some Admin Console API paths do not work when using HTTPS.

6782821 - GSA Crawler will always re-use the same cookies from previously detected cyclic URLs for everything on the same host.

6717952 - Search frontend crashes due to very large SAML responses

6679111 - Cannot create a Forms Authentication rule if a URL contains a square bracket

6302590 - Editing a connector configuration corrupts text areas containing name=' or name=" by adding CM_ after the quote.

5445566 - Crawl diagnostics displays wrong URL patterns for a particular collection.

4118030 - ASR does not support non-ASCII query terms

2893218 - Migration process stuck while applying patch or update.

1817115 - Large number of deletes due to pattern changes during crawler initialization can cause it to run out of memory

1455999 - Crawling invalid content can cause the crawler to fail.

Planen Sie rechtzeitig die Integration des neuen Patches ein, um von den Änderungen direkt zu profitieren. Kommen Sie auf uns zu, wir unterstützen Sie bei der Durchführung der Updates.