We are a team of 300+ experts, brimming with ideas and courage. For over 25 years, we've been helping businesses recognize and effectively capitalize on the opportunities of a digitized world.


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About TWT

Embracing change

We transform our clients' goals into impactful solutions. Through creative excellence, technical expertise, and strategic foresight, we craft inspiring digital experiences.

We are part of the Greven Foundation: Adding to their investments in social and local projects from research and academia, we manifest our commitment to acting sustainably.

  • Strategy & Consulting

  • Creativity & Engagement

  • Technology

  • Data & Performance

  • Health & Life Sciences

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Digital Products & ExperiencesOur full-service team enables businesses to grow their business successfully. With creativity, methodical strength, and technical excellence, they create innovative products and solutions.

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Social Media & PerformanceOur experts activate and enhance engagement in the hearts and minds of your customers.

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IT-SolutionsOur 360-degree digital agency navigates you through the digital landscape with tailored content and e-commerce platforms, cutting-edge software development, online marketing strategies, and innovative concept & design.

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Managed ServicesDo you want a fast and secure application supported by a premium infrastructure? Our highly qualified experts provide expertise for the most complex business fields, not just IT know-how.

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Health & Life ScienceRevolutionizing the healthcare sector through digital transformation is both a challenge and a crucial mission. Our experts utilize their skills and experiences to support you in reshaping your business and products.

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Professional technologies and solutions for your digital business

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