You Are Amazing

Ein Bild, auf dem rechts im Rahmen ein lachender Mann zu sehen ist. Seine blond gefärbten Haare umrahmen sein von Tattoos verziertes Gesicht mit Lachfältchen um die Augen. Er trägt ein grünes Shirt, und im Hintergrund ist ein Bilderrahmen mit einem Urlaubsmotiv. Vorne auf dem Bild steht der Slogan „You are amazing“.

Find new growth and sharpen the brand perception in the DACH market.

Can you guess who invented the first smartphone? It was Motorola. And the 2000s, they would not be half as cool without the iconic Motorola Razr. It was in everyone’s hands, from David Beckham to Paris Hilton to your mom.
But after this time of stardom, it became quieter around the mobile technology company (thanks, Apple!) – at least in Germany. That’s why it was for us to take Motorola to new iconic heights.

Strategy, Consulting, Concept, Design, Text, Motion
Kreisdiagramm 40% gefüllt

Let's face it: smartphone users are unfaithful.

Only 40% of smartphone users would probably rebuy the same brand – making it more likely that people will switch to Motorola.

Dreiecksdiagramm, 81% gefüllt

Women love using their smartphones – but many of them don't care about the technology.

81% of women in Germany own a mobile phone or a smartphone. Only 50% of women in Germany are interested in information on smartphones (bummer!).


An empowering campaign and a content strategy that shift the focus from technology to consumer.

Our first project was a lead campaign that we created specifically for the DACH market.
Motorola’s brand image is powerful and empowering, but we wanted to look at these rather masculine treats from an emotional angle. That’s why we reflected on inspiration by asking people who they cherish and who they look up to in everyday life. We celebrated all those people in all their variety by telling them: “You are amazing.”

Ein Bild mit einem hellblauen Hintergrund, auf dem eine dunkelhäutige Frau in die Kamera lächelt. Sie trägt türkisen Lippenstift, eine türkis eingefärbte Sonnenbrille und eine Jacke über der hinteren Schulter, die ebenfalls türkis ist.

What are you waiting for? Make your dreams come true!

Our lead campaign was complemented by a content strategy that revolves around giving a compliment to loved ones, friends, or colleagues. TWT is also responsible for Community Management on all German-speaking social media channels and manages all cooperation with influencers and partners from sports and e-sport.


We have created a perfectly matching communication for the DACH market and will now continue to lead Motorola into a new era of success.

We need a partner who has not only strength in creation and innovation but also long-term experience and strategic digital expertise. TWT will help us sharpen brand perception in Germany and expand our B2C and B2B business.

– Chong-Won Lim, Head of Marketing Motorola Mobility Germany